While all employees n manager were very nice, they suck at pest control.We had a huge citrus rat and they came n set a few traps n said they would be back in a few days, so to make a long story short, they never followed through, when they set a time n day to come, they never showed up n never called to say they werent coming.

This happened 3 times.

After a month the rat still wasnt caught, so fot the cost of $400 i had a rat a month later costing me $ cause of all the food n stuff it got into and *** n pea everywhere.Finally i talked to a manager and he agreed that they totally did not take care of me and gave me a refund, i was suppose to get it in 6 to 8 weeks, aftrr 8 werks i call n they tell me it was never sent to there main office and i had towait another 4 weeks.i finally got the money back but really even though everyone was nice the have no follow through, they dont honor there appointments or anything they say they r gonna di.

Review about: Orkin Pest Control.


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