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When we met with Orkin representative, he did not explain that it is not Orkin that comes out to fumigate, they use subcontractors.We were told a subcontractor was used when we called to report that no fumigation sticker was posted after fumigation.

Ignorance on our part, should have asked more questions. We were in a hurry to fumigate because we were going on vacation & wanted to take advantage that we would be out of the house to fumigate. We were not happy with subcontractor (now that we know subcontractor used). They arrived way behind schedule and were asked to use booties when stepping on carpet & they did not.

We asked a neighbor to let them in the house, so the running behind schedule inconvenienced our neighbor more than necessary. Neighbor was not aware we requested they wear booties or he would have made sure they did so. But he did confirm they were not wearing any. We also NEVER received the option to pay Orkin the balance due.

We were surprised to receive a bill from a finance co. who gave us the option of paying by a certain date or else they would be charging us interest. Only option to pay would be by check, could not call to pay with credit card (sneaky move). I would advise you to ask lots of question.

Since they use subcontractors, if you decide to go with Orkin, make sure you request a subcontractor that has high ratings. Also, make sure you do not jump the gun and go with someone who only guarantees fumigation for 1 year. We paid $1450 for only a one year guarantee, dumb! If you want the 5 yr.

guarantee, then you have to pay $175 each year for 5 years! This was a such an ignorant expense on our part, don't make the same mistake.

We went with a name that sounded familiar to us, don't do the same, especially since Orkin is not doing their own work.If we could have a re-do we would pick a company with a better guarantee.

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