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Orkin sucks, my husband was working at a different pest control company, we have been planning on moving to another state, as we were buying a house. My husband is good at what he does, he is one of the few techs who definitely goes above and beyond for customers, he leaves his house on a sunday which is not a work day because orkin had a customer who was angry, being that it was not his route he did it to make the customer happy.

He goes to work early in the morning and come home late in the afternoon. He left the first job as we were planning on buying house and that job only have 1 location so he needed a job where he could relocate and transfer with no problem, hence why he went to Orkin. When he first started the manager was nice to him, he would complete his route before time and move on to help other routes. We started our housing process and he told her that he would be moving and would have to get a transfer.

She the turned into Cinderella step mother, she told him she is not giving him any transfer, she started making his job difficult to where she would bring the discussion in there employee meetings for everyone to hear saying employee wants transfer and they are not getting it, but you can leave. So to try and make him quit they would give him 14-16 stops per day with 2-3 starts which he never gets to take lunch because its impossible to do that with that many stops to finish. You would then have the other manager telling him if he does not do it then he fires himself.

Orkin should learn that your technician carry your business, you continue to treat them like toilet paper you use to wipe your *** and flush. Then pretty soon you will be flushing your business also.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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