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I had a flea problem in my house. I had used store bought foggers before and had great success with them, but this time, I wanted less hassle, so I called the pros. Big mistake.

I began to get a little nervous when I kept being told by Orkin that there was no product on the market that would take care of the flea eggs. I knew from my previous experience that one application of the foggers had eradicated the fleas last time, but I still had Orkin come out to treat my house.

The tech came on a Wednesday. On Saturday, I saw live fleas in my house. Actually, I saw AND WAS BITTEN by live fleas. I called customer service on Sunday.

The told the rep my problem and she told me that someone would call in 48 hours. Um. I'm being bitten by fleas. 48 hours? I drove to the store and bought the foggers and fogged my house.

Monday, I called Orkin again. I didn't want them to treat again. (Cause.. ya know.. their stuff didn't work...) I just wanted my money back for the failed application. Rep told me someone would call in 48 hours. No call.

Called Orkin again on Wednesday. I complained about the lack of return calls and, the rep got a manager on the line. Now I had Manager Alice. This woman was a complete waste of good oxygen. She told me that it would take ten days for their product to work, and since I had already fogged, how did they know the dead bugs weren't a result of their chemical?

Ten days to kill fleas?? Alice was ridiculous and rude.

I am out the $185 from their useless application that they won't refund. More importantly, I am out the time and energy from dealing with horrible customer service. Never again.

As a final note... I have not seen a flea since I fogged.

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You won't get rid of fleas in one day.Not only do you have to treat your house, you have to treat your animals and your yard where the fleas come from.

It can take at the least 3 weeks to control the problem.

More if you live in a high infestation area.If that is the case, as we did at one time in the country, you have to call your county environmental agency and report the infestation of the yard and surrounding areas so they can treat it.


It sounds like the biggest problem here was a breakdown of communications. Actually, it can take up to 21 days to control fleas after a treatment.

The eggs that have been deposited by adult fleas are not immediately affected by the residual treatment... they are like little time bombs waiting to go off and the amount of time that it takes for them to hatch (which subsequently exposes the newborn larva) is not firm.... factors like vibration, temperature, and good old Mother Nature's schedule have control over hatching of eggs and newest batch of fleas. It's a cycle that has to be broken and takes time as well as your involvement.

Did your technician explain to you about frequent vacuuming of the floors? This helps stimulate hatching of the eggs as well as removing them from the home. Were your animals treated at the same time as your home? Did he explain about not using other pesticides as it can cross contaminate and effect how their product is designed to work? Did he explain how quickly fleas reproduce and that you could possibly have millions of eggs and/or adult fleas present? Did he explain the minimum amount of time before a retreatment and how it takes time for the product to work? Most pesticides used in the home cannot (by law) be reapplied any sooner than 7 days.

I understand your frustration.... flea control, when you have an indoor infestation takes time, patience, and involvement. It can be frustrating. Have some faith in...

Lastly, do some research on the internet about flea control. Many universities have details and good information on flea biology and control methods. You can also contact your county extension agent for advice. Good luck with your problem.... and have patience even though it's difficult. The problem didn't develop overnight and it won't go away as quickly either.

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