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Hired them 3 years ago, paid over $2000 for an inspection and a yearly fee of $355. After this Last inspection (June 2012) my gut instinct told me to call another company for a inspection.

What they found, that Orkin had completely ignored or missed, was shocking. It was recommended that I even replace the beams in my crawl space. The new company found a pinhole in my bedroom ceililng and the one beam they did spray, was sprayed in the wrong place.

They don't check for pinholes, or around window sills or mouldings or in the garage. I felt like I had really been taken not only financially but that my home had not been protected.

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:sigh All I can say if you dont like yohr job get a better one! Theyre sooo rude especially on the phone, not pros like you think when working, and if your credit card doesn't go through, they ignored my calls and also dont keep their appointments on schedule!

They wear suits so no creepy things get on them! They act so ghetto and all hard core on the phone but cry like little *** when one bug crawls on them!

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