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I signed a year contract with Orkin and got the first spray of insecticide in the house. Three months later I got a sign on the door saying they had been there and was sorry that they missed me! I again made a payment and called to set up time for them to come. They never showed up, but they said they called me and said they weren't coming. I never received a call from service man. When I called and talked to manager he gave me the run around... Read more

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  • Sep 09
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Very disgusted had a flea problem orkin came out the first time no problem they told me if I still saw anymore to call and they would come back out I called and made an appointment waited three hours no one ever showed up.. Very unprofessional

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Wish I would have done more research on Orkin and their "Mice Control" by being a trusting sap and believing in their name. Just purchased a new home and saw a couple mice. We set up our own Snap Traps and sticky boards on Sunday, after I watched 1 run down the hall Saturday. After setting up the snap trap using Peanut Butter for bait on Sunday, we caught one within several hours Sunday night. My husband saw another in the Kitchen Monday... Read more

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Orkin Mouse Pest Control Review from Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Had a very bad experience witj orkin elk Grove Village IL service. Not at all professional. The manager was not helpful at all rather in support of the shoddy work done by their technician. The manager had no intention of solving the concern. I feel totally cheated. Will not recommend this location to anyone. The two very prominent hole from where the mouse could come in was not pointed by the technician. When i called the manager of the... Read more

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Very bad service. Not satisfied at all. The service was provided by the elk Grove Village office of orkin. When i called the manager with my concerns, the manager ( not mentioning his name) came in support of the technician who hardly put 15 minutes for the inspection and told me this is what you can expect in the first visit. They could fimd atleat two or three possibleways for the mouse to enter the house. The advertisement day they will come... Read more

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I have "worked with" (I do the work--their billing reps are clueless or incompetent) Orkin's billing department for 4 months to correct their multiple errors. I provided them copies of cancelled checks sent by my bank's Bill Payer program and confirmed numerous times by phone that in reality their records show the payments were received. However, every week or two I get yet another phone call from their billing department demanding payment for... Read more

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Orkin is unethical. I too, signed a one year contract with them for a service I no longer need. The agent I had initially spoken with assured me that if I needed to cancel the service, just make sure I called by the third of the billing month so that I wouldn't receive a bill for that month's service. What a rip-off. I still had mice two weeks after the technician left... So I went and got a cat! No more mice after that. I wound up cancelling... Read more

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My previous pest company left bait stations open all the time. Many were never installed properly and the lawn mower hit them. Paid the last bill and told them not to come back. Need a new service, called Orkin. Phone rep had never heard of the previous company. Had to explain one reason to call a new company was because you got rid of the old one. He quoted a price for home service for roaches and spiders (seemed high) but he said the... Read more

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I had a mouse problem. At least I thought. Well all they did was spray my house for bugs I had not called about which caused my house actually start to have bug problems, then all they did was lay out glue traps. Which they told me they would bait them out. Which all they did was they just put traps down. They do a *** poor job at "checking" your home for entry points and suggested maybe I just left my door open. Seriously. When it came to the... Read more

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We called and set up an appt with Orkin through the 1-800 number. They said they would be at our house between 11-1pm the next day. I called them at 215pm because no one showed up at our house and no one called. After being on hold, I was told the technician would be calling me shortly. As of 5pm i still have not heard from the technician or the company. The Worst customer service ever. A whole day wasted waiting around for nothing. Read more

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